Discussion Bingo

I have an activity which I use with my intermediate / advanced students. It's called 'discussion bingo' and I use it to get students using set phrases.

Peter Weston
  • Construct a 10 x 4 grid and in each square place a phrase often used in discussion (Can you explain? Really!, Where was I?, Is that clear?, Can I ask a question? etc.).You'll have to tailor the phrases to your group but I usually set a limit to how many have to be used.
  • The object is to get the students talking and using the phrases.
  • They have to listen as well - each time a phrase is used they tick it off. The first to tick them all (a pre-set number) shouts Bingo!
  • Modifying the rules so that they can only tick off the phrase if they use it themselves means that all have to speak.

It works at the end of a week, or when they need to be livened up a bit. Of course, you have to change the phrases frequently - but I've also modified it to accept any particular point I'm teaching - great for vocabulary of course, but also grammar.

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