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Dictionary Research Awards: Call for Proposals

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The Hornby Trust announce a call for proposals under the A.S. Hornby Dictionary Research Awards initiative (ASHDRA) for 2020.

The Hornby Trust supports innovative research into areas of lexicography to reflect and extend the pioneering contributions of A.S. Hornby within the field of language education. Each year ASHDRA makes funding available for original research that aims to produce clear practical benefits for learners of English.   

Each award will be for a research project up to 2 years. The maximum amount for any one award will be £15,000 disbursed over 1 or 2 years. You may apply for the full amount of £15,000 or for a smaller amount depending on the scale of your activity.  

Successful applicants must produce a final report on the project in English. (See Guidelines for Authors below). This report will be considered for publication on this website. Researchers are encouraged to disseminate the results of their research through other media and share their insights with teachers and students. Authors are expected to acknowledge ASHDRA support.

The research report must be in English (though there may also be a version in another language).  

To find out more about how to submit your proposal, visit the website at the link below:

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