Video games are a long established part of many people’s recreational habits, and have the power to engage and motivate players.

Just like any other resource we use in class, if used in the right way, games can provide a powerful stimulus and solid context for acquiring and developing language skills. This session will present ways in which the topic of games, or the playing of games in the English language classroom can be used to engage, motivate and educate language learners.

Watch a recording of the webinar (due to a technical issue, the first 15 minutes of the recording is missing)

About the speaker: David Dodgson has worked with young learners in Ankara, Turkey for over ten years and recently completed an MA in Educational Technology and TESOL with the University of Manchester. He is also very active in online circles. He runs two blogs, and He tweets regularly (@DaveDodgson) and presents to global audiences at online conferences. His professional interests include dogme ELT, learner autonomy, effective use of technology in the classroom and self-development for language teachers.

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