Our latest tip looks at ‘Critical thinking’. Watch Alister using the map of the world with his young learner class to encourage greater critical thinking in language learning.



Key questions are really important in teaching. I would be really happy to possess a great collection of such questions!!! Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

Thank you Alister!!! I was really inspired by your tips. The things that can be accomplished starting from a basic observation of a fact of real life! I will try and work out similar ideas for my lessons. Thanks again!

pls could you kind orientate me on the web.do u earn a crtifiacate at the end?

Hi,Look at the top bar on the home page, you’ll find teaching resources (including lesson plans to download and print), sections on teacher development and teacher training as well as articles on different aspects of teaching.You can scroll down to the bottom of the home page to see all our content in the directory.There isn’t a certificate but we hope you enjoy using our website and find our resources useful!Sally

Thank you! I was really inspired! How can I use critical thinking with lessons about school objects, days of the week, and "lexical" subjects? thank you...

where can i get those maps and balls?

nice dude this method was really attractive

... Congratulation ... I loved your work with those kids. i think it is amazing the way you motivated them. Because they learned and had a lot of fun as well. Your class was so dinamic and I feel really inspired. You are doing a magnificent work.


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