In this seminar, Alan Maley, Marisa Constantinides, Phuong Lee, Nik Peachey and Malu Sciamarelli discuss activities and ideas for introducing creativity into the classroom. The event took place in London in June 2015 and celebrated the launch of a new British Council publication, 'Creativity in the English language classroom'.
‘Creativity extends right across all age-ranges, all levels of competence, all teaching contexts and all geographical regions. And it applies equally to teachers as well as learners. Creativity is a universal, though its manifestations may be specific and local.’ – Alan Maley
Do teachers need to be creative? What stops us from being creative? How can we and our students become more creative?

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Watch this highly practical, interactive seminar to discover small changes that can make a big difference to creativity in the classroom. Two speaker sessions provide interesting activities and real-life examples to inspire creative teaching and learning. This is followed by a panel Q and A session with Alan Maley, Marisa Constantinides, Phuong Lee, Nik Peachey and Malu Sciamarelli.
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Download the publication for free: Creativity in the English language classroom
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