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Creating a positive learning environment

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Discover strategies for creating a positive learning environment with this self-access development resource.

This module is 'Creating a positive learning environment' and supports the Professional Practice 'Managing the lesson'.

  • The aim of this module is to support teachers to explore an element of managing the lesson by examining practical ways to ensure a positive classroom environment to benefit both teachers and learners.
  • Below, you will see the self-access resource for you to complete either on your own or with colleagues.

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About these resources

The British Council Teaching for Success online conference ran between 5-9 October 2016 with over 60 talks from speakers around the world. The conference focused on key issues relating to Continuous Professional Development for teachers, linked to the British Council’s 12 professional practices.

Following the conference, 10 of the talks were selected and turned into teacher training modules for both face-to-face instruction and self-access learning.

Face-to-face resources for trainers

At the bottom of the page you can download the following teacher educator resources for face-to-face teacher development workshops:

  • An overview of all ten training resources in the series for face-to-face use
  • An overview of all ten training resources in the series for online self-access use
  • Trainer notes
  • PDF presentation to use with participants in your training room

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