This is a good game for high-energy groups when you need to get them all sitting down and on task.

Jo Budden

They really have to concentrate to stay in the game. If you don’t have space to get everyone sitting in a circle or you can’t move the tables you can do it standing up. 


  • Sit in a circle with your students and do the hand actions of lap (both hands to lap), clap, left click, right click. When they get the hang of it, add these words in time to the rhythm: 'Concentration, concentration, concentration now beginning, are you ready? If so, let’s go!'
  • On the first finger click, you say your name, and on the second click you say the name of someone in the circle. You have passed the turn to the person you nominated on your second finger click. Then they say their own name on the first click and the name of another student on the second, and so it goes on.
  • When they have got the idea, use different lexical sets. For example, everyone says their favourite sport first then use these to play the game instead of saying names.
  • You can also use flashcards or real objects such as fruit and vegetables or classroom objects. Place a flashcard or an object by each student’s feet and they use these as they do the finger clicks and pass the turn.
  • For a competitive group, eliminate those students who make mistakes.
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