Coaching and Emotional Intelligence - Webinar with Nik Peachey

In this webinar recording Nik Peachey explores how emotional intelligence can be applied in coaching.

Coaching is becoming an increasingly popular development activity, particularly in the field of business management, but what does it have to offer educational development and particularly teacher development?

In this webinar, I will be looking at some techniques and processes that are commonly associated with coaching and exploring how we can apply these to our work in teacher development.

Pre-webinar Tasks

1. Coaching is becoming increasingly popular in the personal and professional domains, but how does the role of a coach differ from the roles of trainer, mentor, counsellor or consultant?

2. Many of the techniques used in coaching rely on our ability to listen to and interact with the people we coach. Here are two videos that have valuable insights into what makes us better speakers, listeners and what can help us to have better conversations.

Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen

Celeste Headlee: 10 ways to have a better conversation

Date: Friday 29 June

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About the speaker

Nik Peachey has been involved in education since 1990 and has worked all over the world as a language teacher, teacher trainer, technology trainer and educational technology consultant. He is an award winning course designer and materials writer and the author of:

Digital Video - a manual for language teachers

Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers

He is co-editor of Creativity in the English language classroom and Integrating global issues in the creative English language classroom. He has been involved in major training consultancies for ELT schools, organisations, publishers and education ministries around the world including companies like the British Council, BBC, Open University, International House, Google and many more. He is an experienced virtual and physical conference presenter and has delivered educational technology related talks and workshops at major conferences all over the world.

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