Climate action - Ukraine school project

Use this lesson with your learners to highlight environmental initiatives that can be implemented in your school.

About this resource

This free education resource has been developed based on a film submitted in 2021 to the British Council’s Climate Connections project. The children based in a school in Vydranytsia (the western part of Ukraine) share how their projects and activities are responding to environmental and climate issues. As the content was filmed in 2021 it  focuses solely on tackling environmental issues and does not make any reference to the human tragedy unfolding today. The content is suitable for all and has been developed to enable children all around the world to learn and take inspiration from their peers in Ukraine, empowering them to come up with their own solutions to help tackle climate change.

Learning goals:

  • Vocabulary: The environment; actions for the planet
  • Speaking skills: Share your world
  • Writing skills: A proposal of action

Age group and level:

Secondary learners at CEFR B1 level


90 minutes


The lesson plan, video transcript and student worksheets can be downloaded below in PDF format. The video is available on this page.


Teacher notes318.73 KB
Transcript403.73 KB

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