This is an information gap activity using a text about Hinduism to teach basic concepts about that faith and also improve vocabulary related to RE. Spelling names is also practised here. It is suitable for secondary pupils at pre-intermediate level or above.



  • an introduction to Hinduism


  • Lexis – RE related vocabulary
  • Skills – Listening and speaking
  • Grammar – question forms

Copy and cut the worksheets for pupils to use in pairs.


  • To introduce the topic ask pupils what they know about Hinduism.
  • Put pupils into groups and give half of the groups worksheet A and the other half worksheet B so that each member of each group has the same worksheet. Tell pupils to read their texts and look up any words they don’t know, working in groups. Monitor and make sure that pupils understand the concepts of scriptures and holy days and that the texts include the names of these.
  • Tell pupils to work together in groups to write questions to find the missing information, e.g. “How many Hindus are there in the world?”
  • Put pupils into pairs so that one pupil has worksheet A and the other has worksheet B. Tell pupils not to look at each other’s worksheets.
  • Pupils now ask and answer their questions to fill in the gaps in the texts. Note that many of the answers are names that pupils will need to spell out.
  • When they have finished tell them to look at each other’s worksheets and check their answers.

This text introduces many basic concepts of Hinduism. Following lessons could explore these more. You could set as a homework assignment to find put about one of the things mentioned in the text, such as Diwali or Karma.


Language level
Language Level: 
Upper intermediate: B2

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