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The Christmas gift experiment

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This lesson plan for teenagers of all ages and adults uses a short, two-minute video to look at the concept of giving and receiving gifts at Christmas.

The video focuses on shoppers at a shopping centre, or shopping mall, who are given a present but then told that it is not for them.

Before watching the video, students are given the title of the video and asked to predict what the Christmas gift experiment might be. They are also asked to predict some of the lexis they will hear – typical Christmas vocabulary. The activities in the plan take them through the video in two stages, with different expressions for prediction introduced, and thinking time given to allow students to formulate their ideas.

The final activity asks students to write about a present they would like to receive and to guess what they think one of their classmates would like to receive. Students then act out the scene in the video where people are given a gift from someone they don’t know.


  • Students will use new and known language for predicting to guess what happens in a video.
  • Students will use creativity and analysis to predict unknown facts.
  • Students will develop fluency skills to discuss ideas related to giving and receiving presents.
  • Students will develop writing skills by justifying choices.


Teenagers and adults of all ages


CEF Level B1.2 and above  


50 - 60 minutes 


The lesson plan and student worksheet can be downloaded below in PDF format


Language level
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Intermediate: B1