Ceri Jones - Barefoot with beginners

In this webinar, Ceri Jones looks at going back to basics with a class of beginners and shares her experience of discarding the coursebook, syllabus and pacing schedule.

About the webinar

No coursebook, no syllabus, no pacing schedule. Going back to basics with a class of beginners was fascinating. Using lesson summaries to record our work and collecting them online helped us track our progress and give a sense of achievement. One of the most interesting by-products was the space it gave to stand back and observe the students' language as it emerged and grew. In this session I want to reflect on this and other lessons and ask whether our experience can extend to other classes and levels.

About the speaker

Ceri Jones is a freelance teacher, trainer and materials writer. She’s been working in ELT since 1986 and in Spain since 1998. She's worked on various coursebook series for adults and teens including Inside Out, Straightforward and The Big Picture. She’s particularly interested in student-centred materials and activities inside and outside the classroom. She writes about her experiences and her experiments on her blog, Close Up.

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