The competition is open to students enrolled in any college or university in the world during spring 2019. The final deadline is 31 May 2019.

Intercultural dialogue (ICD) is 'the art and science of understanding the other'. ICD can include international, interracial, interethnic, and interfaith interactions. Typically, people assume that ICD requires face-to-face interaction. This competition asks: 'How do social media influence intercultural dialogue?' 

Entries must be between 30 seconds to two minutes long. Faculty members are invited to discuss intercultural dialogue in a class, perhaps showing winning entries from 2018, and to suggest students produce videos as their responses. Students are encouraged to be creative, show off their knowledge and skills, and have fun with this topic.

The top award winner will receive a $200 prize. All award-winning entries will be posted to the CID YouTube channel, and highlighted on the CID website, LinkedIn group, Facebook group, and Twitter feed, through posts describing the creators and highlighting each of their videos. Perhaps most important to student learning, all entries will be sent comments from the judges. Winning entries last year came from not only the USA, but also Italy, the UK, and Peru.

See the Center for Intercultural Dialogue website for further details of the competition and the competition rules.

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