Watch a recording of Carol Read's talk at the British Council in Warsaw. 

Her talk covered a range of primary issues and she gave a number of invaluable tips about teaching primary students.



I watched the video “The Secret of working with children” by Carol Read and I found her tips and concrete examples very useful. I would highlight the six key ingredients for teaching which she mentions and comprises in one word: SECRET.
S - Sensory Acuity. Any teacher needs to develop his/herability to read children’s signals. Being able to notice and decode children’s reactions may be very helpful.
E – Emotions. Emotional intelligence can also be a precious tool. Adopting the position of an observer and trying to see a situation as a whole can anticipate and prevent problems. She emphasizes that it is vital to step in children’s shoes.
C- Communication. The importance of body language and eye-contact should also be taken into account. She advises us to avoid pointing and pleading, for instance. She also refers to the “deadly stare” technique. I usually use it with my older students and it usually works.
R- Rapport/Relationship. The importance of valuing, praising our students, establishing mutual trust and understanding.
E – Evaluation. We should be constantly evaluating our own performance. I totally agree. Reflective practice needs to be a constant. We should plan, do, analyse, review and plan again.
T – Tactical talk. Giving children the possibility to choose between activities. If they feel they are choosing, they will feel more enthusiastic about it.
But actually the SECRET lies in YOU. At the end of the day we have to resort to the resources we have in ourselves.
I totally agree with the metaphor of the fly and I have sometimes felt like the fly crashing against the window pane with some of my classes. It’s not always easy to look at the other side and find a window open…

I totally agree with Carol Read when she says that flashcards are the teacaher's best friends. I love uisng flashcards in the most different situations in order to teach / revise vocabulary. I sue them to play the memoy game, when singing (to highlight the words) and even to tell stories. And children always love them...even more when they borrow the flashcards to "work" with their colleagues.

Hello Carol,

I loved your presentation. You are an excellent communicator and you pointed out the key – the secret lays in all of us. Teachers can make a difference.


What a great presentation. I really appreciate your words and your body language.
You made me feel like a child waiting for a sweet...
Thank you for teaching us so many important things about being a powerful teacher!
I am sure I will look at the other open window...

Cátia Oliveira

I loved your presentation. It caught my attention for the very first minute. It helped me to think about very simple things that can help me to be a better teacher! Thanks for your tips! You are amazing!

The secret is you, Carol. I loved your body language and I think that many times I look like you, always moving around. Thank you so much for your simple and fantastic ideas. They will be very useful. Thank you.

This presentation was absolutely wonderful! It's mind blowing and changes perspectives!
Very interesting and a teacher I'm going to follow from now on.
A daily mind problem resolved! We just need to trust in the secret!
Thank you Carol Read!

Dear Carol,

Thank you very much for your presentation, it was quite inspirational and motivating.
I'll be using your advices. Once again, thank you.

Thanks Carol, what a great talk. Thank you British COuncil. I personally like the idea of having choices for children when we mean to give them an order, especially when dealing with behaving students.
Looking forward to having another talk from you and others related to teaching young learners.


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