This lesson plan for teachers of teenagers and adults at level B1 is about carnivores and herbivores. Students will watch a BBC Earth video.



This lesson focuses on the difference between carnivores and herbivores. Students watch the video Triumph of the Herbivores, available from BBC Earth, about how herbivores escape being eaten by carnivores and then do one of the suggested follow-up activities.


Animals; carnivores and herbivores


B1 and up


45 – 60 mins


  • To practise listening for specific information
  • To discuss interesting facts about animals


  • To promote critical thinking skills (categorising and classifying)
  • To learn vocabulary related to animals including names of animals
  • To learn vocabulary related to food


Youtube video: Triumph of the herbivores – Life of Mammals from BBC Earth

Online game:

All the materials for this lesson plan can be downloaded below

By Leo Selivan

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I consider this to be an excelent teaching material, especially because it helps me emphasise a multi task learning goal. It is of outmost importance the fact that it includes a video to complement the learning process. I has help me a lot with the young/mid-age adult learners.

Good to hear that you like the lesson. The link to the video is working now.
Best wishes,

I found one minor error in the answers:

'hoof (plural hooves) - two hard pointed growths on the heads of some animals

horns - the hard part on the bottom of some animals’ foot'

The definitions probably just got mixed up.

Thanks! We've updated the lesson plan so the answers should be correct now.

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