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Britlit Russia: Meet the team

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My Daughter, The Fox is the first in a series of four kits written by school and university teachers from Russia, under the guidance of Alan Pulverness and co-ordinated by the British Council, Russia.

About the team

This collaborative project was the direct result of a course run by NILE (Norwich Institute of Language Education) in 2011 in which two of the Russian teachers were enrolled and which Alan taught. The teachers involved in the writing of the kit based on My Daughter, The Fox were:

Katya Toroptseva (group leader), Mikhail Mamaev, Yulia Klimenova, Ludmila Borbotko, Nina Skitina, Ekaterina Mikhailovskaya and Ludmila Talsi.

Alan and members of the project team can be seen discussing the work and their involvement in this video made by the British Council, Russia.

About the story

Jackie Kay's story My Daughter, The Fox gives the reader an unusual view of the mother/child relationship. As the title suggests, the narrator's daughter isn't human, but the feelings generated by between mother and daughter are universal and so the scene is set for the paradox to be played out. The story requires a mature approach and would not be suitable for younger readers. The language used would be accessible, though a challenge, to CEF B1 level learners.

The story is read by Sarah Mount.

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The other stories in the BritLit Russia series are:

  • The High Master and Little Billy Clough by John Waddington-Feather
  • Slog's Dad by David Almond
  • Sticks and Stones by Trezza Azzopardi
All of these stories will be available on the TeachingEnglish website during 2012/2013