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Britlit 10th Anniversary kit: Joha and the End of the World

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This BritLit kit, written to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the project, is the first of what we hope will be many tales taken from the traditional and given a modern makeover.

Joha is a traditional figure in many North African folk tales, and frequently represents a somewhat contradictory figure - he can be fun, simple, intelligent, cunning, naïve and lucky, often all within the same story. In this story, Joha finds himself in a contemporary North African society and so the traditional story has something of a modern feeling about it.

Joha is tricked into thinking that the world is about to end by some neighbours who are hungry and have their eyes on Joha's goat. But who is the smarter - Joha with his traditional ways or the boys with their trendy clothes and smart phones?

Age: It is suitable for students aged 11+

Level: CEF A2+