At the E-merging Forum 5 Brenda Roche conducted a webinar on teachers’ wellbeing. 


Brenda Roche has a Masters in Positive Psychology with a background in Occupational Health & Safety, Counselling, Executive Coaching & Stress Management. Brenda is also a Mindfulness Practitioner & Trainer.
Topic of the webinar: 3 steps to wellbeing for teachers
In this webinar, Brenda considers what a teacher can do to minimize stress and we talks about how to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the pressure of school life, and how to flourish and work productively. 3 steps to Wellbeing for Teachers explores A.C.E. — three evidence-based aspects of flourishing; Attention, Connection and Energy management.
Attention: Training our attention can change how we experience our life and manage stress. The webinar explores how to pay attention to the present and how to
make stress work for us to enhance wellbeing habits.
Connection: Connecting to others is one of the most important ways to improve wellbeing. Reducing the four blocks to positive relationships and increasing the ratio of positive-to-negative interactions to the recommended 5:1 facilitates the building of key relationships.
Energy: Using simple energy-enhancing habits promotes resilience and wellbeing.
Participants will be able to do some exercises which will help develop their self-awareness and teach what action should be taken when one is under strain.
Video recording of the webinar
Watch the recording of Brenda Roche’s webinar here:

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