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Born, bread and buttered in London

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This lesson plan for teachers of teenagers and adults at Intermediate level and above explores the theme of London. Students will develop their knowledge of London and practise their listening skills.


In this lesson students hear a man being interviewed about his life in London. He talks about the different parts of London he has lived in and how things have changed in these areas. The tasks focus students on learning more about London from Google Maps and images and the listening tasks focus them on reading between the lines of what the man says and understanding inferred meaning. Lastly, the lesson finishes with an optional grammar focus with a speaking activity based around ‘used to’ and ‘didn’t use to’. 




CEFR B1 Intermediate


60 minutes +


  • to develop students abilities to understand inferred meaning
  • to develop students' listening skills
  • to develop students' ability to use ‘used to’ to talk about past habits and states


The lesson plan is available to download in pdf format. The audio is available to listen to on this page. 

Language level
Language Level: 
Intermediate: B1