Blog topics for September and October 2019

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Check out our new blog topics for September and October 2019 and some highlights from the last two months.

Our latest blog topics for September and October look at teaching the key areas of grammar and reading, and, as the new school year gets started in various parts of the world, your professional development aims for the coming year. Take a look below.

Looking back, there was, as always, a variety of thought-provoking and constructive posts for our topics for July and August, which covered assessing learners in alternative ways, end of year activities, 21st century skills and teaching listening.

Some of you wrote about assessment and trying to ensure it suits different learners, with an interesting look at cultural factors, and a useful breakdown of ways to vary assessment and tips to consider. Some great posts too with ideas for activities to help wrap up a school year.

21st century skills generated a number of posts discussing how to bring these into the classroom, with plenty of examples and tips and advice. Finally, there were several posts on teaching listening, including how to encourage learners to develop listening skills outside the classroom and suggestions for staging listening activities.

Thank you to everyone who contributed posts to our July and August topics! Find a selection here:

Ingrid Mosquera Gende | Do you assess your students or do you just test them?

Tamer Osman | The Factors Leading to Unfair Academic Assessment

Maria Theologidou | My top five end-of-year activities: Celebrating the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one!

Madhu Tiwari | 21st century skills in English Language classrooms

Mihaela | How to Implement 21st Century Skills in Class

Milica Vukadin | Start Your Journey to 21st Century Education with Geo-Inquiry

S.Akilandeswari | Critical Thinking – a crucial 21st century skill

Alexei Kiselev | More listening practice outside classroom!

NinaMK | Listening Skills

Peggy Sharma ESL | Teaching via Listening Activities

Sulaiman Jenkins | The power and importance of listening

Topics for September and October 2019

Topic 1

There are many ways to teach grammar effectively and many ways to teach grammar badly. What ways have you found to teach grammar effectively or what lessons have you learned from teaching grammar badly? 

Topic 2

Reading and writing in a second language is a challenging task for any learner. What recommendations do you have for teachers to help them rise to the challenge of motivating students to develop these skills and keep them engaged?

Topic 3

As the academic year begins for many parts of the world, what challenges do you see ahead of you and what are your professional development aims for this year? What are some of the ways you can think of to ensure professional development is successful and effective?

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