Our blog topics for July and August 2017 look at the theme of 'Managing resources'.

There were several excellent posts from May and June 2017 looking at 'multilingual approaches', 'integrating ICT' and 'assessing learning', including giving feedback on writing, ways to encourage speaking, fostering and assessing cooperation and creativity, challenges of using technology in the classroom, the problems of assessing creativity, speaking skills and using iPads or tablets in the classroom. You can read some of these posts by clicking on the links below:

Larry Ferlazzo: Four ways to encourage speaking in the ELL classroom

Sandy Millin: Giving students feedback on their writing

Loli Iglesias: Fostering and assessing cooperation and creativity 

Nanashengelaia: Using technology

Ekontovas: Do you use ET?

Fatimataha: Creativity I regretted

NinaMK: Speaking skills

David Dodgson: Digitally speaking

Topics for July and August 2017

  1. How much materials development do you do in your teaching? Do you tend to use the coursebook and/or other pre-prepared materials? When you create your own, how do you decide the learning outcomes, design or adapt activities, and evaluate your materials?
  2. How diverse are your learners? Do they have widely different needs, interests and abilities? How do you differentiate for your learners in your planning and lessons? What are some of the strategies you have tried and how successful have they been?
  3. Digital literacies – the technical skills and social practices needed to effectively interact with digital technologies – are considered key 21st century skills. As a teacher, how do you help your learners develop these skills, and an awareness of the wider social practices surrounding the appropriate use of language mediated by technology? Do you feel that your own digital literacies are sufficiently developed and have you received any training in implementing this in the classroom? What tips or advice can you offer other teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of this area?

Happy blogging!

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