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Blog topics for January - March 2021

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Our blog topics for January - March 2021 look at ideas for planning online lessons, tips on integrating global issues into your teaching, lessons learned from remote teaching and suggestions for quick and effective short activities. 

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Blog topic 1

Planning an online lesson. There a several differences with planning a lesson for an online class. What have you changed about the way you plan your lessons for an online context? What is important? How is it different to planning a face-to-face lesson? What are some of the considerations?  

Blog topic 2

Global issues. With so many current issues affecting the world outside the classroom, it’s important that language teachers include a focus on some of these in their classes. However, it’s also necessary to deal with these issues in a sensitive way, and also make sure you are teaching what is on the curriculum or syllabus. What global issues do you bring in to your lessons, and how do you ensure that the themes are covered in a responsible way?

Blog topic 3

A return to normality? With so much disruption to education, it is difficult to imagine a time when teaching will return to how it was before Covid-19. We have all had to adapt to new ways of working. When and if we return to previous ways of teaching, is there anything you think you will do differently? If so, what? What benefits have there been to the new ways of teaching?

Blog topic 4

Quick, effective 5-minute activities. What are your favourite warmers, fillers or end of class activities that always work well with your students? This could be in online teaching, or face-to-face contexts. What ideas, tasks or activities would you like to share with everyone? It could be an activity to review some grammar or vocabulary, a collaborative writing task, a speaking activity, or just an energising activity to wake students up!