We just have one topic for January and February 2018 - inclusivity. 

Before we move forward into 2018, it's worth looking back at some of the blogs from November and December 2017.

There were a number of posts from Zahra Zuhair giving some excellent advice on teaching very low level students. We also had some excellent contributions to the discussion on new trends in ELT from Patricia Ielmini, Richard Fielden-Watkinson, NinaMK, Larry Ferlazzo, Loli Iglesias, and Alexei Kiselev. 

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Loli Iglesias - WhatsApp in the classroom to foster listening and speaking

Alexei Kiselev - How I use mobile devices in my ESL work

Topics for January and February 2018

To start 2018, we have just one important and broad topic – inclusivity. Education should provide everyone with an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of gender, social or economic situation, or ability. However, the reality is often very different.

What do you do in your work, either as a teacher, a teacher trainer, a manager, a materials writer, or in any other aspect of your profession, to promote and help develop an understanding of inclusivity and equality in education among the people you have contact with?

It could be a specific activity or activities that you use in the classroom with your students. It could be strategies that you use in the classroom to ensure that all your students feel equally valued. It could be something you do outside of the classroom as an extra-curricular activity. It could be something you focus on in your teacher training. It could be an organisation that you are part of which promotes awareness of inclusion, equality and diversity. In short, it could be anything around the topic that you feel is worth sharing!

If you would like to write about this topic, please visit the 'Become a TeachingEnglish blogger' page to find out more.

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