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Blog of the month award for June 2019

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Our featured blog of the month award for June 2019 goes to David Petrie and his post First (FCE) Speaking Video Lesson.


TEFLGeek (David Petrie)  – First (FCE) Speaking Video Lesson  Here’s a lesson from Teflgeek which helps learners to understand what they should focus on when they do the speaking exam.


Our shortlisted posts this month include a list of useful websites for learners of English and a video-based lesson plan about different accents.

Cristina Cabal – Do you Have One Minute? Four sites to Learn English in One Minute Cristina talks about four websites where students can learn English in bite-sized chunks.

Let’s Talk About Accents: Sense 8 Series Lesson Plan by Andrea Grassi Andrea Grassi has produced this excellent video-based lesson plan about accents.