Our featured blog of the month award for April 2019 goes to David Petrie and his post Cheating.


Do your students cheat? David Petrie was shocked to find out 95% of his students do. Here he talks about why and how they do it.

Shortlisted posts

Our shortlisted posts this month include a game for practising present perfect and past simple, advice for teaching English as a Lingua Franca and activities to encourage collaboration among your students.

Breakout English | Liar, liar! – present perfect / past simple game Breakout English shares a lesson idea where students are asked to lie – which gives them the opportunity to practise speaking, using the past simple and present perfect.

Marek Kiczkowiak – Seven easy steps you need to follow to teach English as a Lingua Franca Increasingly more people use English as a lingua franca, so perhaps we should reflect this in the way we teach English in class? Here, Marek Kiczkowiak describes some easy-to-follow steps we can take.

Eva Büyüksimkeşyan – 3 Fun Icebreakers Some excellent suggestions from Eva Büyüksimkeşyan for activities to liven up your class and encourage collaboration amongst students.

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