Billy Elliot is the story of a boy from a coal mining family who decides to be a ballet dancer. His decision causes, perhaps predictably, a great deal of family controversy. The novel by Melvin Burgess is based on the film of the same name.

This is BritLit’s first foray into the world of full length novels. We think it works! 

How to use this BritLit kit
There are a range of activities to use based around the text, as well as a complete teacher guide and answer key. Some activities in the pre-reading and the guided reading downloads have related audio, below. To download pdf files and audio from the Attachment box below, right click on the file and save to your computer.

This BritLit kit was first published in 2009


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The Broadway show "Billy Elliot" started at the Imperial Theatre in New York City October 8, 2008. The detractors are fussy & overwhelmingly positive as they heap admire & honors onto this lively and inspiring musical making and its creators.

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