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The best place in the world

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This is a speaking exercise for pre-intermediate and intermediate level learners which provides them with an opportunity to review and practise the superlative form whilst personalising it.

Paul Kaye

They also have general speaking practice as the exercise inevitably generates discussion.


Before the class, prepare enough photocopies of the worksheet for each learner to have a copy. You can download a copy of the worksheet below.


Think of a place you could describe as the best place you have ever been. Write it on the board and ask learners to guess its significance. Highlight the superlative form.

  • Ask learners to complete the worksheet, working individually. Emphasise that they should write their answers in the circle in a random way, not in order. Demonstrate this if necessary.
  • When learners have finished, ask them to pair up. They need to show their circles filled with places to their partners, who need to guess which of the superlatives each name refers to (like in your model). Demonstrate this with another example from you if necessary.
  • Monitor as learners work and ensure the superlative form is being used correctly, although they should be fine as they are reading from the worksheet.
  • Elicit any interesting answers open-class to finish the exercise.

Note: The worksheet uses certain key structures, e.g. good - best, -est form, most form. You can add other adjectives if you want learners to review them.

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Pre-intermediate: A2