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Ann Burgess - learning from each other internationally

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Ann Burgess examines the role of the teacher as a researcher, concentrating on how this is linked to study visits and other international experiences.

In this talk, participants:

  • consider how research in the school or classroom can help to make the most of international experience to enhance student outcomes
  • consider different approaches to research in the classroom
  • understand Appreciative Inquiry and how it can be used in the school and in the classroom to develop professional skills
  • consider how Appreciative Inquiry can enhance a teacher's professional development, with reference to international experience
  • look at practical approaches to improving student learning through Appreciative Inquiry
  • understand accentuating the positive - questions can affect the outcome of those questions whether it is how we frame questions in the classroom or research questions
  • learn skills of listening and asking the right questions in the right way - It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it!

About the speaker: 

Ann Burgess has been a Head Teacher for almost 20 years. She has worked supporting schools in a variety of contexts: she has been a Local Authority advisor for Primary schools and where her responsibilities included leadership training and induction of Head Teachers as well as an Ofsted inspector.

For eight years she worked as an Interim Head in schools in challenging circumstances; including failing schools or those with a crisis in leadership and has coached and mentored Head Teachers.

She has worked for the British Council since 2002 as a Specialist Advisor in School Leadership and as a Senior Policy Advisor and now as a consultant. She has extensive international experience and has worked in over 14 countries worldwide.

Watch a recording of this talk below