This activity is designed to be used as a warmer for Intermediate level learners. It could be used to generate interest in amazing facts as a lead in to a lesson using comparatives and superlatives.

Derek Spafford


  • Cut out the amazing facts
  • As the learners enter the room give an amazing fact to each one.
  • Ask the learners to write an ‘f’ on their sheet is they think the statement is false and a ‘t’ if they think the statement is true.
  • Learners then read their statements to the other members of the class and write down on their statement an ‘f’ or a ‘t’ depending on whether their colleagues think the statement is true or false.
  • The student will have a list of ‘f’s and ‘t’s depending on the response from the colleagues.
  • Ask learners in corresponding order to read out their statements and report how many learners think the statements are true or false. Write these results on the board.
  • Read out answers and elicit the answers to the false statements.

Download Statements and answers 19k pdf 



An excellent end-of-the-day activity! I especially enjoyed reading the "facts" themselves wondering whether they are true or false. From my experience, if the teacher finds the activity exciting, so will the students. I, personally, am definitely going to start the year with this one... Thanks!

I liked it a lot when I read it, and I'm going to try with my students next week, then, I tell you the results.

Bruno Costa
Dianópolis - TO - Brazil

Dear Derek

I thought your idea was a good one and would promote discussion and possible amusement and used it with my advanced group of 6 highly educated French students. I was very surprised that they had never ever heard if an 'English kiss'. I had not thought to check your answers before using the worksheet.  In my big Robert Collins dictionary , it is not listed.  This threw into doubt the accuracy of all the other answers, many of which I anticipate being difficult or impossible to verify.  I was disappointed with the activity, though the students accepted my apology.  I wonder where you gained you amazing facts.

I shall be more careful in future if I use others teachers' worksheets.  I am meticulous with my own - though i do get things wrong sometimes.

 Yours sincerely , 

Barbara Race   

Hi Barbara
Sorry for the delay in replying to your comments.
I'm also sorry to hear that you found problems with the accuracy of the amazing facts. A google search of an English Kiss will certainly provide the answer I gave and although this doesn't obviously validate the answer it does provide some evidence. The activity is there as you say to promote discussion and possible amusement and answers should be taken with a pinch of salt (obviously worms don't taste like fried bacon). I hope this doesn't deter you from using any other materials from the site.
Best Wishes

I found  the activity really amazing, it would encouarge the students  to begin the lesson cheerfully and will keep them motivated till the end. But the matter is that it can take a longer time than a warmer is required to last, I think...

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