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Amazing facts

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This activity is designed to be used as a warmer for Intermediate level learners. It could be used to generate interest in amazing facts as a lead in to a lesson using comparatives and superlatives.

Derek Spafford


  • Cut out the amazing facts
  • As the learners enter the room give an amazing fact to each one.
  • Ask the learners to write an ‘f’ on their sheet is they think the statement is false and a ‘t’ if they think the statement is true.
  • Learners then read their statements to the other members of the class and write down on their statement an ‘f’ or a ‘t’ depending on whether their colleagues think the statement is true or false.
  • The student will have a list of ‘f’s and ‘t’s depending on the response from the colleagues.
  • Ask learners in corresponding order to read out their statements and report how many learners think the statements are true or false. Write these results on the board.
  • Read out answers and elicit the answers to the false statements.

Download Statements and answers 19k pdf 

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Intermediate: B1