Agnes Enyedi: How to avoid teacher burnout

This webinar looks into the background of burnout and shares some teachers’ ideas about how stay away from it.

About the webinar

Professional burnout affects people who work in helping or in managerial professions and teachers are a very likely group to be affected. Burnout is a condition that is self-destructive and contagious. It is stress, the lack of motivation and emotional fatigue that are associated with it. How can the initial signs of burnout be spotted? How can teachers, whose professional activity lies in motivating and inspiring students, also inspire their colleagues (and themselves) to avoid burning out? In this webinar I will look into the background of burnout and share some teachers’ ideas about how stay away from it.

About the speaker

Agnes Enyedi worked as a school based mentor for over 10 years before joining the Eötvös University of Budapest full time as a teacher educator, where she teaches ELT methodology-related courses at the Department of English Language Pedagogy. She also runs workshops and in-service courses for teachers, and regularly presents at conferences at home and internationally. She has run courses for teachers and educators in Germany, Uzbekistan, Spain, Turkey and for Pilgrims (UK). She is also a trainer for Oxford Teachers’ Academy and Via Lingua.

Watch a recording of the webinar below

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