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Addressing challenges in especially low-resourced parts of the Global South

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The Hornby scholars talk about challenges in low-resourced areas of the Global South based on their research.

2 April, 2019 - 16:55 Europe/London
75 minutes

About the talk

This presentation starts from the assumption that in order to solve educational problems, you first have to understand their true nature. Each scholar will report on how they have explored a specific issue arising from a lack of resources in an institution or area of their home country. They will describe the context, discuss the data that they obtained and suggest possible ways forward. Facilitated by Martin Lamb, University of Leeds, UK.


Laurent Ahishakiye, Muhammad Fitri Bin Ahmad, Parwiz Hussain, Victoria Inwang, Fareeha Manzoor, Marwa Masood, Elyanora Menglieva, Alex Diko David Morjakole