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Accidents anecdotes

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In this speaking activity students exchange authentic personal anecdotes.

The teacher provides a model and students are given time to prepare their own anecdotes before doing a mingle. It provides a lot of fluency practice and can be used with any level from pre-intermediate upwards.

Think an of anecdote involving an accident or an unfortunate mishap. Try to think of something that isn't too serious and is perhaps a little humorous.

Students need a pen and paper in front of them. Tell the students to sit back and relax and that you are going to tell a true story. Tell your anecdote.

  • Give the students 3 minutes and ask them to draw their favourite moment of the story.
  • Ask the students to work in pairs and retell the story together using the pictures to help them.
  • Elicit from students 8-10 key words from the story.
  • Tell students to think of their own anecdote. Tell students to write down 8-10 keywords for their story. Tell them that these are the only words they will be able to look at when they tell the story. During this preparation stage encourage students to ask you for any new vocabulary they might need. Allow 5 - 10 minutes.
  • Ask the students to work in pairs and tell their partner the story. This gives them a chance to practise their story before they talk to the class as well as a final opportunity to check vocabulary.
  • Tell students that they will tell their story and listen to the other stories. They must listen and decide which is their favourite story. Students mingle freely and tell stories.
  • Feedback on which were the students'/your favourite stories and why.

Written by Jo Adkin and Jeff Fowler, British Council, Naples

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Pre-intermediate: A2