About the CPD Framework for teacher educators

Find information about how to use the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework for teacher educators.

What is the CPD framework for teacher educators?

The framework describes the overall competence and the kinds of professional knowledge, understanding and skills associated with the role of a teacher educator. It is used to help teacher educators, and those involved with the professional development of teacher educators, to think about and further develop the overall competence, knowledge, understanding and skills required for effective and supportive teacher education. It is based on an extensive survey of research into teacher educator competence in a wide range of educational settings and covering a range of teacher educator roles. It has been refined through feedback provided by senior academics and teacher educators from around the world and working in different areas of teacher education.

Who are teacher educators?

Teacher educators are those educational professionals who actively facilitate the (formal) learning of student teachers and teachers. Teacher educators include:

  • staff engaged in the pre-service training of teachers
  • trainers who provide training and development workshops and programmes for teachers
  • trainers who provide the online training and development of in-service teachers
  • teachers who supervise and mentor the practice of other teachers or trainee teachers
  • materials developers
  • educational researchers
  • managers and school leaders who are responsible for the training and development of teachers

What is 'Teaching for Success'?

Teaching for Success represents the British Council's perspective on current insight, evidence and research into effective continuing professional development, relevant to teachers, teacher educators and school leaders. This demonstrates that:

  • improving the quality of teaching has the most impact on improving the outcomes of learners
  • CPD is the most effective way to improve the quality of teaching.

Our approach ensures effective action through the whole process of improving quality in the classroom and in teacher education and achieving ‘Teaching for Success’:

  • Evaluate needs and priorities accurately
  • Design quality projects and programmes
  • Deliver quality projects and programmes
  • Measure impact accurately

This leads to quality in the classroom.

What does the CPD Framework for teacher educators contain?

The framework identifies the following 11 specific areas of professional expertise that the teacher educator needs, use the links below to find relevant resources.



Approaches to development

Stages of development

The framework identifies four stages of development that differentiate between levels of understanding, knowledge and skills in relation to each professional practice:


In relation to the professional practices, thinking about  / reviewing / auditing your skills as a classroom teacher, thinking about your knowledge gained from your previous practice, education and qualifications. The focus is on your own skills and knowledge, from which you are able to offer advice to your colleagues on classroom activities and behaviour.  You have built a platform for your role as a teacher educator, corresponding to the final developmental level of the CPD Framework for Teachers.


In relation to the professional practices, thinking about how your skills and knowledge relate to particular training/development contexts, thinking about how to transfer your skills and knowledge to teachers, thinking about how to develop and support teachers. Organising and delivering professional development activities. Reflecting on this practice. The focus is on your own skills and knowledge in relation to supporting teacher development. You have consolidated your platform of skills and knowledge through engagement with the process of teacher development.


In relation to the professional practices, thinking about the impact of your skills and knowledge in relation to the professional development of teachers. Refining your skills and knowledge through organising and delivering professional development activities. The focus is on the impact of your own skills and knowledge in relation to an increasing range of training and professional development contexts. You have achieved a high level of competence by integrating your skills and knowledge into your professional outlook and practice.  


In relation to the professional practices, thinking about and contributing to our understanding and knowledge of these practices. Acting as a point of reference and as a source of expert opinion.

Download the Teacher educator framework guide below.

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