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A House in the Country

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A House in the Country concerns a returnee, Ray, who has made enough money in London to rebuild a house in Colombo. He is helped by Siri, a young man from the country, and together they talk about building another house, in the country. This is set against the backdrop of Sri Lanka's ongoing civil war. When tragedy comes a bit too close to home, everything changes.

Romesh Gunesekera was born in Sri Lanka, and has been living and writing in London since the 1970s. His writing is frequently elegiac and wistful, casting reflective eyes at 'the spoiled paradise' of his original home.

This kit was produced, along with its companion 'Carapace', to accompany Romesh Gunesekera's tour of Portugal in 2004.


  • Short story 145k complete text of 'A House in the Country'
  • Context 711k background information and exercises


Romesh Gunesekera