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A Handful of Poems by Tony Mitton

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This BritLit Kit is a collection of four fun poems with teaching materials designed for older primary learners.

The four poems in this collection are all by Tony Mitton. Each kit includes the text and audio of the poem as well as learning activities, teacher's notes and visual support. The four poems are:

  • Robin Hood Rap
  • I Wanna Be A Star
  • Key
  • Arabian Nights

You can listen to or download the poems as well as the teaching materials below.

About this BritLit Kit

This kit was made by a group of Portuguese teachers who attended one of the two week intensive training courses for materials writers at the Norwich Institute of Language and Education (NILE), funded by the EU Comenius fund. Their principle trainers were Claudia Ferradas and Susan Hillyard, and they worked with Tony Mitton during the course. This group also wrote the kit for Down by the Cool of the Pool. The poems are read by Tony Mitton and original artwork is by Rob Lenihan.