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A global revolution? Teaching English at primary school

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Dr Janet Enever and Jayne Moon explore the trend towards an early start in English internationally, drawing upon substantial experience of working in the field and on research data. They then go on to highlight issues and raise questions about primary English language teaching policy and implementation. November, 2010.

English is being taught at increasingly younger ages in an expanding number of countries. So today, teenagers are no longer young learners of English. The new YL is a first grader, a pre-schooler or even a foetus!

  • Why has this transformation occurred?
  • What is the impact on education systems worldwide?
  • How are we to develop the ‘right’ conditions for successful primary ELT in primary schools?
  • What factors affect YL policy and its implementation?

Our seminar offers a response to these and other questions, drawing evidence from a recent international conference and related publication.

To read Janet and Jayne's accompanying paper, click here. To read a BC seminars blog review, click here.

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