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The 4 Cs and Me

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In this talk, Carol Higho looks at how we can strengthen our communication, cooperation, collaboration and creativity to become more effective teachers.


We want our students to become familiar with the Four Cs (Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration and Creativity) but how do we develop and improve our abilities in these four skills professionally within our school(s)?

In our role as teacher we need to communicate with students, other educational professionals and, often with students’ parents - so what is the difference between Teacher Talk and effective communication? How do we grade our language for these very different situations?
When the classroom door closes, it's all too easy for teachers to feel isolated and alone. How can we strengthen collaboration with others on our faculty without appearing to be needy? Sir Ken Robinson has said, for creativity to flourish “ have to create an environment for curiosity and a way to encourage people and get the best out of them.” So let's put creativity at the heart of inclusive practice in staff room planning meetings.

This practical session looks at the pedagogy and ideas that strengthen our communication, cooperation and collaboration skills through creative activities and ideas you can take away and use.

Whether you are a new teacher facing your first year in the classroom, or a veteran teacher who would like to hear some fresh ideas, or be reminded of great ideas we once knew, this session is for you.

About the speaker

Carol was a primary school teacher in the UK and then built her skills as an English language teacher, teacher trainer, DOS and editor on EFL materials in Asia (11 years) before returning to the UK (10 years ago). She is now Head of Product Marketing at Macmillan Education. Education is exciting not just because of the amazing students we go to work for but the creative, imaginative and inspirational teachers you meet.

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