We have a large pool of writers producing materials for TeachingEnglish. These are some of our contributors:

David Done
Dave is originally from Manchester and he has been teaching EFL for over twenty years in a wide variety of contexts. He has been at The British School of Verona for the last six years. Before moving to Italy, he was a lecturer in EFL at The University of Salford for almost a decade. He has also worked in Spain and Portugal.

Andy Baxter
Andy has worked in the UK, UAE, USSR, Spain and Portugal. He has been a teacher and teacher trainer and has worked in teaching centre finance and management. Most recently he worked on the British Council websites for learners and teachers of English. He is the author of "Evaluating Your Students" (Richmond, 1997).

Katherine Bilsborough
Katherine lives and works in the Basque Country. She divides her time between teaching at the British Council, Bilbao and her work as a freelance materials writer.

Sally Trowbridge
Sally lives in the beautiful city of Barcelona and currently divides her working life between teaching young learners at the British Council, teaching adult learners online and writing EFL materials. She has recently produced lesson plans for Essential UK, activity sheets for LearnEnglish Kids and lessons for the Teaching English site.

Joanna Adkin
Joanna is currently working at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as a Senior Teacher Young Learners.  She has also worked for the British Council in Naples, Italy and Bratislava, Slovakia.  Joanna is a CELTYL trainer and writes materials for TeachingEnglish, LearnEnglish Kids and Premier Skills.

Leo Selivan
Leo is an EFL teacher, teacher trainer and materials developer at the British Council Tel Aviv. He has been at the British Council for the last seven years. He has also taught in Cyprus, Turkey, the UK and Russia. Leo is currently completing his MA thesis under the supervision of Prof Penny Ur. He is particularly interested in using multimedia in the classroom and is a proponent of the Lexical Approach.

Stuart Wiffin
Stuart works for Cambridge ESOL, Sciences-Po and Paris-Tech. He has been teaching English for 21 years and has worked in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Sri Lanka and the UK. His major teaching influences are Scott Thornbury and Neil Forrest. He writes EFL materials with his wife, Helen Gibbons.  They won the 2010 ELTons 'Macmillan Education Award for Innovative Writing' for "Their Finest Hour", an internet-based approach to EAP teaching which they hope to bring out soon. 

Chris Trickett
Chris ended up in the classroom after a decade of drifting in and out of the rat race left him with a passionate desire to live and work in Italy. Dozens of excitable students and a World Cup victory later, he left the paradise peninsula to further broaden his horizons in Kyrgyzstan and Egypt before finally settling in the wonderful city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Stubborn to the very end, he insists on writing all his own classroom activities leaving him not only with the honour of writing for this website but also equipped to meet the demands of a very diverse range of students.