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      Ceri Jones - Micro-writing: small things make a big difference

      In this webinar Ceri Jones explores how a range of micro writing tasks can activate language, encourage communication and aid class cohesion. She will be looking in particular, but not exclusively, at mulit-level secondary classrooms and the challenges they bring.

      Recorded webinars


      February 2014: Lizzie Pinard - Learner autonomy

      Recorded in February, this webinar looks at the topic of learner autonomy and suggests practical methods that we can use to encourage our learners to move towards being genuinely autonomous outside the classroom.

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      Keith Kelly - Ingredients for successful CLIL

      Recorded in March 2014, this webinar by Keith Kelly looked at the successful implementation of CLIL. During the webinar he shared several ideas and offered ingredients for successful CLIL. 

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      January 2014: Sylvia Guinan - Social and emotional approaches to teaching with technology

      Recorded in January 2014, this webinar by Sylvia Guinan looked at helping teachers to think for themselves about creative applications of technology. It was a very practical session with examples, as well as being a kind of open-ended exploration, brain-storming and thought-provoking presentation.

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      December 2013: Dave Dodgson - Using games to engage, motivate and educate language learners

      Date: 18th December 2013

      Theme: Video games are a long established part of many people’s recreational habits, and have the power to engage and motivate players. Just like any other resource we use in class, if used in the right way, games can provide a powerful stimulus and solid context for acquiring and developing language skills. This session will present ways in which the topic of games, or the playing of games in the English language classroom can be used to engage, motivate and educate language learners.

      Watch a recording of the webinar (due to a technical issue, the first 15 minutes of the recording is missing)


      David Crabtree - Cognition: How knowing about learning might help teachers successfully teach those pupils who find classroom learning difficult

      Date: Monday 2nd December 2013

      Theme: Successful classroom learning does not seem to come easily to some learners and, no matter how hard teachers try, there are some pupils who seem to find learning difficult.

      This webinar explores current knowledge of cognition and learning, especially the role working memory plays in learning transfer, and provide a simple set of guidelines to help teachers overcome some of the difficulties experienced by learners who struggle to learn in class.

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      Marie Delaney: Teaching Learners with Special Educational Needs in the English Language Classroom – myths and realities

      Date: Tuesday 3rd December

      Theme: Are you a teacher who is worried about the best way to teach learners with special educational needs (SENs) in your class?  This webinar provides an overview of the issues around inclusion, look at the role of English curriculum in offering opportunities for inclusion, and practical teaching strategies which will help all learners, particularly those with SENs.

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      Maha Khochen: An insight into dealing with visually impaired learners - hints and tips!

      Date: Wednesday 4th December

      Theme: In this presentation, Maha gives an insight into visual impairment from her personal experience, and the variations that may exist between visually impaired individuals. The webinar covers different approaches in meeting the needs of visually impaired learners in mainstream teaching and learning settings.

      Watch a recording:

      Read Maha's article The Needs of Visually Impaired (VI) Learners in Education: Key Issues and Principles


      Sally Farley: Teaching learners with speech and language difficulties – how is this possible in an English Language class?

      Date: Thursday 5th December

      Theme: Communication skills are vital for successful learning, so learners with speech and language difficulties often struggle in class. Teachers frequently worry about how to include them, especially in language classes. This webinar explores the nature of speech and language impairment and its impact on learning.  It provides practical teaching strategies and activities which help develop language skills and overcome some of the difficulties experienced by these learners.

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      Is it free?
      Yes, all our webinars are free.

      How long are TeachingEnglish webinars?
      They generally last 45-60 minutes.

      Can I speak to the presenter?
      At the moment no. You can ask the presenter questions through a chat box though.

      Can I get a certificate?
      Unfortunately, we are unable to provide certificates for attending webinars.

      What if I miss the event?
      If you miss a webinar it's no problem - you can watch a recording. Just come back to this page and look for the 'Recorded webinars' tab. 

      How do I know I can access the webinar from my computer?
      We use Adobe Connect to host our webinars. If you have never attended an Adobe Connect event and would like to find out more/test your connection, use the links below.

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