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Check out our schedule of webinars for English language teachers below and register for a webinar if you are interested! Registration is free for all our webinars. Simply click on the link to register, and then sign in to the webinar as a guest. You can also watch recordings of our ELT webinars here if you can't attend.


Nik Peachey - creativity in the language classroom

In this webinar, Nik Peachey looks at some of the ideas explored in the British Council publication Creativity in English language teaching.

Tracy Dumais - Children's apps you can trust

This webinar uses lessons learned while developing of the British Council’s LearnEnglish Kids Playtime app to reflect on the issue of trust in Young Learner app design, marketing and use.

Sandy Millin: Professional development through blogs and blogging

Teaching blogs contain a wealth of information, but it can be hard to know where to start. In this webinar, Sandy shows you where to find them and how to start your own.

David Dodgson: Multiple choices – A Conversation about Language Testing, Teaching & Learning

‘Assessment’ is one of those terms in ELT that can mean many things. We talk about formative and summative assessment, peer and self-assessment, portfolios, setting learning targets, and methods of ‘alternative’ assessment.

Ceri Jones - Barefoot with beginners

In this webinar, Ceri Jones looks at going back to basics with a class of beginners and shares her experience of discarding the coursebook, syllabus and pacing schedule.

Teaching students with Asperger's

In this webinar, Peter Moran covers the following four areas: What is Asperger's Syndrome? How can we as teachers recognise children who may have Asperger's? How can we help children with Asperger's in class? What can teachers do to help parents?

Victoria Boobyer: A why and how of Graded Readers

In this webinar, Victoria Boobyer talks about the why and how of Graded Readers. Her talk covers the methodological and pedagogical underpinning of using readers in (and out of) the classroom. She talks about a number of ideas for practical activities for teachers to take away. These activities are suitable for both paper and digital readers and cover a range of reading sub-skills as well as a variety of activities for other skills. It also covers a variety of learner types and levels from A1 General English students through to Business English learners.

Graham Stanley: Remote teaching, distance learning, team teaching or blended learning?

Teaching state school primary children through video-conferencing, the British Council Uruguay are developing a unique approach to teaching English.

Chris Baldwin - Learning Technologies for the Classroom: A Whirlwind Tour

Learning technologies is a very fast-moving field and it's hard for busy teachers to keep up with the latest and greatest tools and techniques for the classroom. Watch a recording of Chris Baldwin's excellent webinar as he takes us on a whirlwind tour of several Learning Technology classroom tools and techniques, giving lots of practical suggestions that teachers can take away with them to use in class.

Gail Ellis: Using children’s literature to teach children English

This excellent webinar with Gail Ellis shows how the rich and stimulating medium of story picturebooks and the technique of storytelling can develop children’s English as well as encourage social and emotional development.


How do I register?
To register, just go to the 'Upcoming webinars' tab on this page. Choose the event you are interested in, and follow the instructions on its page. Registration usually opens a week before the event. 

Is it free?
Yes, all our webinars are free.

How long are TeachingEnglish webinars?
They generally last 45-60 minutes.

Can I speak to the presenter?
At the moment no. You can ask the presenter questions through a chat box though.

Can I get a certificate?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide certificates for attending webinars.

What if I miss the event?
If you miss a webinar it's no problem - you can watch a recording. Just come back to this page and look for the 'Recorded webinars' tab. 

How do I know I can access the webinar from my computer?
We use Adobe Connect to host our webinars. If you have never attended an Adobe Connect event and would like to find out more/test your connection, use the links below.

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