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Become a speaker in the British Council Seminar Series 2015–16!

Are you interested in sharing your practical and innovative English language teaching ideas with colleagues around the world? We are delighted to announce that the call for proposals for the Seminar Series 2015 – 16 is now open!


Accentuate: bringing pronunciation to the fore

In February the British Council's EnglishAgenda website is taking a closer look at teaching pronunciation in the lead up to the NATECLA London/IATEFL PronSIG event on Saturday 21 February. We will be looking at questions such as 'What is the connection between pronunciation and other areas of learning English?',' How do we choose a model and priorities for ourselves and our learners?', 'What do we do if our own accent isn’t 'BBC'?'. Find out about content we will be featuring to help you review and build on your knowledge of what to consider when teaching pronunciation.

ELTons 2015 update

The longlisted products for the ELTons 2015 have been confirmed. Up until this stage ELTons judges have only been assessing application forms, now the judges will be sent product samples and get to experience the products first hand before making their suggestions for which entries will make up the 2015 shortlists.


TIRF - 2015 Doctoral Dissertation Grants (DDG) competition

The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF) is pleased to announce its 2015 Doctoral Dissertation Grants (DDG) competition.


ELT Journal gives free access to Special YL edition until 2nd February

The ELT Journal has made all papers in the Special Issue focusing on ‘Teaching English to Young Learners’ (Vol. 68/3) freely available online (from 19th January - 2nd February).

The Fair List, UK

Set up in 2013, The Fair List, is an annual award. It celebrates excellence in gender balance of plenary speakers, presenters or speaker panels at UK ELT events.

Vote for your favourite British Council web pages!

Is there a website, blog or Facebook page that you regularly read to satisfy your curiosity about English? Where do you go for your English language resources? The annual Macmillan Dictionary Love English Awards 2014 is your chance to vote for your favourite online English language hub! Vote now!

Uruguay school pupils taught English live from London

School children in Uruguay are being taught English live from London, thanks to a unique videoconferencing project from the British Council and Plan Ceibal. Despite the two countries being over 6,000 miles apart, the tech-savvy initiative is using HD communications equipment to effectively link-up the classrooms across their two different continents.

EnglishAgenda podcast interview: the best apps for teachers and learners of English

The latest EnglishAgenda podcast is an interview with Tracy Dumais, who is a Mobile Learning Consultant with the British Council app team. She gives some excellent advice on how to identify relevant quality apps and describes a variety of really useful apps for both teachers and learners.

Continuing Professional Development month on EnglishAgenda and TeachingEnglish

November is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) month for the EnglishAgenda and TeachingEnglish websites, as we celebrate the launch of the latest British Council publication, ‘Innovations in the continuing professional development of English language teachers’. We will be featuring blogs, podcasts, book extracts and webinars all on the subject of CPD throughout the month, leading up to the livestreamed publication launch event on Friday 28th November.


2013 Reform Symposium E-Conference (RSCON)

The 4th annual Reform Symposium Conference (RSCON), a free online three day event bringing together educators, students and innovators from around the world, will be held between October 11th and 13th in conjunction with Connected Educator Month. The entire conference will be held online using the Blackboard Collaborate platform.

CAELA Digests and Q&As

CAELA's publications provide information about literacy education for adults learning English as a second language (ESL). 

David Crystal lecture on the King James Bible and the English language

Alternative English teaching methodologies

Over the last six to seven decades, a wide range of approaches to teaching English has evolved. 

Languages and immigration: bilingualism is an asset

Politicians in western countries are today drafting laws to tighten immigration conditions and are introducing language and culture tests. 

The Image Conference, Cordoba

The third edition of The Image Conference organised by International House is being held at the Hotel Eurostars Palace in Córdoba, Spain on Saturday 22nd November.

The Fair List, UK

Set up in 2013, The Fair List, is an annual award. It celebrates excellence in gender balance of plenary speakers, presenters or speaker panels at UK ELT events.

Bangladesh calls up 1m mobile phone lessons

The BBC World Service Trust says that its Janala project to provide English language lessons via mobile phones in Bangladesh has delivered more than 1m lessons in its first three months.