I enjoy this fun quiz a lot for some reasons.
There are some very interesting questions identifying what kind of person you are,but most of all I find the activities given wonderful. 

A very interesting quiz.I enjoyed it a lot.I´m people smart.I completely agree with it.I'll try to use the different activities.They're very useful.thanks

I took the quiz and the results weren't far from the truth. It has prompted some further thoughts on how I might improve some things in not only the classroom but in my teaching.

I am natural smart - a bee, i really enjoyed the activities, i think they're helpful and great fun

I am a mix, a dolphin-people smart and a polar bear-myself smart.

I did really enjoy the quiz.I am my self smart and logic smart .And this (the quiz) was the first thing I did as soon as I registered myself.I found the activities useful and interesting.       Best,   Albana