Teaching reading and writing is a nine-part series of videos and tasks to help you explore different ways of developing reading and writing skills with your students.

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Welcome to the Teaching English Reading and Writing Video Training series! Here we are going to explore different ways of developing...


Reading and writing in a second language is a challenging task for any learner.


How can we get our students to really engage with reading texts in order to develop their reading skills?


The reason that we read affects how we read so for example if we are following instructions we will read differently than if we are...


When faced with a challenging writing task, students often don’t know where to start, what to write and how to write it.


When we write in ‘real life’, what kind of process do we follow? We usually need to think first, write a rough draft, review, amend...


Giving feedback to your students is very important - feedback on what they’ve done well and guidance on how to get better.  


Every text is written for a purpose and has an intended audience.


Task-based activities present opportunities for learners to practise reading and writing skills in meaningful contexts that often mimic...