12 February, 2016
This can be done over a series of lessons as part of an ongoing project, dedicating each lesson to a different insect, or otherwise as one...
12 February, 2016
Children love units connected with animals and farm animals can provide lots of fun opportunities to practise sounds and phonics.
23 February, 2012
This is a great game to revise vocabulary and you can use it with any age group and any level by changing the category headings.
10 February, 2012
This is a game to make any gap-fill task or cloze texts (reading tasks with gaps) more exciting.
8 December, 2011
These are some games which we associate with parties and Christmas celebrations in UK schools. They can be adapted for language learners of...
2 December, 2011
This is a great game for those logical-mathematical thinkers.
18 November, 2011
This tip is about Christmas and how to integrate it into your lessons. There is also a winter project that includes Christmas as just one...
27 October, 2011
This lesson has some fun activities and language learning tasks based around the theme of Halloween. The activities include singing songs...
20 October, 2011
The seasons is a great topic for the beginning of the year as it marks the start of a fresh cycle.
14 September, 2011
This is the first in a two part series. Here you have a few ideas on how to review days of the week, months of the year and dates while...
31 August, 2011
This lesson is based around the calendar and helping students to use dates.
22 June, 2011
Once it starts to get warm you can easily start to talk about holidays and possible destinations with your young learners.
15 June, 2011
In this YouTube-based activity, students watch a scene from an animated film and observe the actions performed by characters. The activity...
8 June, 2011
Food is a popular topic in any primary course and has a lot of potential for cross-curricular work.
13 April, 2011
This is a topic which could be easily spread over several lessons by taking a different person, e.g. firefighter, per week as the focus....
30 March, 2011
The alphabet can be an easy way of collating new vocabulary and lends itself well to fun activities that will help your learners remember...
17 March, 2011
There’s no problem in using and re-using methods that work as primary children need some sort of routine and approaches they are familiar...
18 February, 2011
Drawing dictations are a great way to practise vocabulary and to find out how well the students in your class listen to you.
12 January, 2011
This is a lesson designed to help learners understand and remember opposite adjectives. Many of the techniques used here could be used for...
5 January, 2011
This game is good for revising lexical sets and is useful for practising using adjectives. It can be teacher led or played as a team game.
10 November, 2010
This is a good activity for checking information for younger learners.
6 October, 2010
With very young learners much of what they do in the classroom revolves around them. Before school they are often the centre of ‘their’...
22 September, 2010
The tendency with primary learners is to treat the class as a whole group and underestimate their ability to work in pairs or in small...
8 September, 2010
This is a good activity for restless younger classes.
7 July, 2010
Children are often fascinated by machines; the way they work or inventing their own. We are not going to go into the scientific intricacies...


26 January, 2012
This is great for the first class with a new group or when you come back to class after a holiday or even after a weekend.
19 October, 2011
If you teach young learners who are all the same age and live in the same town, opportunities for sharing and comparing life experiences...
7 September, 2011
This game is good to revise and practise structures in the first conditional.
24 August, 2011
This is a simple activity where each student adds a word to create a group story.
21 June, 2011
Alan Turing proposed a test inspired by a party game known as the 'Imitation Game', in which a man and a woman go into separate rooms, and...
1 June, 2011
This simple board game provides an excellent way to give students a bit of free speaking practice.
28 April, 2011
This is a topic which can be spread over a few lessons and one which covers several language areas including food, clothes, biographies,...
27 April, 2011
This activity is an adaptation of the original Hedbanz and is good for practising or revising vocabulary in general or it can be related to...
19 January, 2011
This game practises adjectives. You need a ball, or alternatively a screwed up piece of paper will work fine.
16 September, 2010
This is a good activity for getting your students going in the morning. It is also excellent for revising vocabulary.
18 August, 2010
This is a speaking activity for higher level students with good imaginations.
10 March, 2010
These games can be played throughout the school year but are also very useful as a round up at the end of term.
2 September, 2009
This is a visual activity which helps make the process of recalling vocabulary motivating and memorable. My students enjoy the 'suspense'...
6 May, 2009
This activity is about energy and renewable resources. It builds awareness of different energy solutions which will be necessary in the...
8 April, 2009
During the school year children can move house and change schools for various reasons. When they arrive in a new school it can be hard for...
2 February, 2003
This game can be adapted for matching definitions to words or matching opposites.
23 June, 2002
This role-play can be used with learners when covering the topic of aliens, for the practice and revision of narrative tenses or as a lead...
23 June, 2002
This activity is a pronunciation and memory game. It works best if you split the class into small groups. You will need to produce a set of...