Training courses
The British Council offers a variety of teacher training courses to help you improve your teaching skills. Our courses include practical assignments and online exercises. Our courses are offered as self-access, moderated and blended, and cover a range of issues such as teaching with limited resources, teaching with technology and methodology.

Communicative Assessment
The course is made up of a minimum of 20 hours of online self-study training comprising ten sections available online. The ten sections cover the following topics:
MA in English Language Teaching: Online
If you are teaching English and want to improve your English while you also develop your teaching skills, then these courses are for you.
Price:£10 per individual unit or£90 - all 10 unitsLearning Technologies are increasingly important for business English teachers.
If you want an introduction to teaching English to young learners aged 7 to 11, then this course is for you.
The TKT Essentials course provides an introduction to English language teaching methodology for teachers who want to develop expertise in Communicative Language Teaching (CLT).
If you are teaching school subjects in English, then this course will provide comprehensive training on the methodology and practice of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) you need in y
The course can be taken in two modes.
If you are looking for an internationally recognised teaching qualification, we have the course that is right for you.
Learning technologies for the classroom
Price:£10 per individual unit or£90 - any 10 units (£270 for all 30 units)