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Resources for Managing resources

27 September, 2017
The Image in English Language Teaching is a book edited by Kieran Donaghy and Daniel Xerri with contributions from several prominent writers in ELT.
5 September, 2018
In this article, experienced writers Katherine Bilsborough and Cheryl Palin discuss their strategies for writing stories for primary and offer some advice to anyone wanting to start.
11 August, 2015
Penelope Robinson, Sandie Mourão and Nam Joon KangThis research report presents an innovative approach to teaching English in pre-primary classrooms. The paper describes the development and...
19 March, 2015
Do you have problems drawing people and actions on the board for your students? In this video, Paul Millard from British Council Vietnam gives us some great drawing tips and shows us how to do this...
1 October, 2014
The purpose of this article is to provide some guidance through the wealth of available materials and support, to provide a platform for sharing ideas and experiences and to explore some areas that...
Stories waiting to be told - resources article - guest writers
19 September, 2013
The power of an image often doesn’t lie in the image itself, but in its ability to trigger images and stories in the minds of our students and create a need and a desire to communicate. There are...
17 July, 2012
Do you teach young learners? Do you have to draw cats, dogs or birds on the board? 
17 July, 2012
Do you teach young learners? Do you often have to draw animals on the board? In this video, Paul Millard from the British Council in Vietnam provides drawing tips to help you improve your artistic...
6 March, 2012
Do you use songs in your lessons? How? Watch how Seema uses them and then share your ideas below!
21 December, 2011
This is something I've already blogged about - if you have the right facilities in your classroom, powerpoint can be a very useful addition to your teaching toolkit.
1 November, 2011
How do you use flashcards in your class? Watch Vikki, and then let us know how you use them by leaving a comment below. Remember to check out our flashcard maker too!
23 August, 2011
Teachers often disagree on whether or not to use the phonemic chart in their lessons. Watch Peter and Clare argue for and against, then why not tell us what you think.
Video for the English classroom - speaking article - guest writers
3 November, 2010
Exactly five years ago this month, the video-sharing site YouTube was officially launched to the public. Since then, the site and others like it have been affecting the world in diverse and...
9 August, 2010
The first time I saw Cuisenaire rods being used in the language classroom I had no idea how much fun they could be.
31 March, 2010
Music can be used in so many different ways in language teaching. These days I am especially interested in facilitating students' creativity in a variety of ways and in this article I want to look at...
17 February, 2010
Homework seems to be an accepted part of teachers’ and students’ routines, but there is little mention of it in ELT literature.
Using news articles - reading article
8 January, 2010
Topical news stories are a great source of teaching material. This article presents different ways to exploit news reports in the classroom and focuses on raising the level of involvement and...
28 October, 2009
What do you think is important when you tell a story to young learners?
1 September, 2009
This e-book was originally published in print form by the Catalan Teachers of English Association, Associació de Professors d'Anglès de Catalunya (APAC), to help launch the BritLit initiative at the...
Working with minimal resources - teacher training in Mongolia - resources article
16 December, 2008
Teaching with minimal resources can seem a daunting prospect for those of us lucky enough to work with coursebooks, photocopiers, audio and IT facilities in our schools. Karen Waterston recently...
Speaking aids - speaking article
16 January, 2008
How would your Christmas feel without a Christmas tree or your birthday without a cake? How romantic would your romantic dinner be without candles?
Using drama texts in the classroom - literature article
1 March, 2007
In this article, I try to define what I mean by language learning through drama/theatre texts, outline some of the benefits it can bring to the language learning classroom and some of the differing...
Picture stories in the communicative classroom - resources article
10 February, 2006
Pictures are all around us everyday, in the street, at work, at home and even in our leisure time, so why not in the classroom as well?
reading a computer screen and a book
9 May, 2005
One of the enormous benefits of the Internet has been the accessibility of loads and loads of English texts for teachers to use with their learners.
Interacting with texts - Directed activities related to texts (DARTs) - reading article
27 February, 2003
Good readers use what they know about language and the world to interact with what they are reading. This helps them create meaning from the words on the page.