These seminars encourage debate on areas of contemporary interest in the field of English language teaching and learning. The series combines informal networking events with more formal workshops and presentations.

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There are rules, and there are rules: What should we teach about how language works?
Michael Rundell

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    Michael Rundell looks at who makes the rules about what makes language 'correct'? Is there one 'Standard English' which we all have to follow, or can we bend and break linguistic rules over time? This presentation gives an alternative (but equally rigourous) view of learning about language. It also looks at how we reconcile a descriptive, evidence-based approach to analysing language (which is fundamental to corpus linguistics) with learners' aspirations to achieve accuracy and fluency in another language.

    Gain a clearer understanding of what is meant by 'rules' in the context of language and language-teaching and learn more about why languages change and how this happens.

    About the speaker

    Michael Rundell has been in the dictionary business since 1980. He is co-author of the Oxford Guide to Practical Lexicography. He has been working with language corpora for 30 years, and is deeply involved in the new lexicographic revolution - the migration of reference resources from print to digital media.

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    Our extensive range of seminars started in Dec 2009 as a way to bring ELT professionals together and to uncover and discuss the latest developments in ELT.

    Events are held around twice a month in a variety of venues up and down the UK. The series combines informal networking events with more formal workshops and presentations.

    Past seasons have featured stimulating seminars given by Mario Rinvolucri, Michael Swan, Catherine Walter, Ken Wilson, Luke Meddings, Jamie Keddie, Jeremy Harmer & Steve Bingham.

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