These seminars encourage debate on areas of contemporary interest in the field of English language teaching and learning. The series combines informal networking events with more formal workshops and presentations.

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ESOL offender learning conference

The British Council and The Bell Foundation sponsored a continuing professional development conference for ESOL tutors, teachers and practitioners working in prison settings, as well as those involved in managing or leading provision of offender education.

The conference was part of the English Nexus Offender Learning project, which has the aim of connecting ESOL professionals through opportunities for developing practice and knowledge-sharing.

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    The online sessions provided teachers, managers and professionals with an opportunity to:

    • find out about the latest developments and research in the UK prison education sector.
    • inform discussion topics and engage in current debate with a panel of experts on the challenges of teaching ESOL in prisons.

    The English Nexus Offender Learning project is a partnership between the British Council and The Bell Foundation, and is co-funded by the European Integration Fund, to provide support to ESOL teachers and learners in prison contexts, through new resources for learners and continuing professional development for educators.

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    Our extensive range of seminars started in Dec 2009 as a way to bring ELT professionals together and to uncover and discuss the latest developments in ELT.

    Events are held around twice a month in a variety of venues up and down the UK. The series combines informal networking events with more formal workshops and presentations.

    Past seasons have featured stimulating seminars given by Mario Rinvolucri, Michael Swan, Catherine Walter, Ken Wilson, Luke Meddings, Jamie Keddie, Jeremy Harmer & Steve Bingham.

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    Upcoming events

    Forthcoming seminars in 2015

    Creativity in teaching and learning: What, why, how?

    Wednesday 24 June 2015, 1730 - 2030
    The British Council, 10 Spring Gardens, London, SW1A 2BN


    ‘Creativity extends right across all age-ranges, all levels of competence, all teaching contexts and all geographical regions. And it applies equally to teachers as well as learners. Creativity is a universal, though its manifestations may be specific and local.’ – Alan Maley

    Do teachers need to be creative? What stops us from being creative? How can we and our students become more creative?

    Join this highly practical, interactive seminar to discover small changes that can make a big difference to creativity in the classroom. Two speaker sessions will provide successful activities and real-life examples to inspire creative teaching and learning.

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