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Developed in 2010, each episode in series 1 is accompanied by a two-page teacher support sheet. These teacher support materials present a large part of the programme script together with ideas for reflection. You can listen to the programmes and download the materials below.

Programme 1: Planning your lessons

If you are a teacher of English, especially if you are working with large classes in difficult conditions, this series of twelve programmes is definitely for you. Our first topic is 'Planning your lessons'. The teachers in the programme agree that lesson planning is definitely necessary. But where should you start?

Programme 2: Teachers supporting each other

Teachers can sometimes feel isolated. Often teachers don’t get the chance to discuss professional issues with other teachers. Long hours and large classes can lead to a lack of motivation. The focus of this programme is ‘teachers supporting each other’ and we look at ways to create opportunities to reflect more on your teaching.

Programme 3: Finding and creating worksheets

Many teachers of English around the world face big challenges in the classroom such as very large classes, a shortage of books and materials, and a lack of training opportunities. This programme focuses on finding and creating resources. We talk to teachers from all over the world and also hear a lively class in action.

Programme 4: Using group work in large classes

In this programme we look at a reality many teachers face: very large classes – and using group work as a technique to get everyone working actively. We hear from teachers on how they use group work and look at techniques for managing large classes. How do you feel about teaching large classes?

Programme 5: Pair and group work in practice

Pair work and group work can be used for many different activities in the classroom. In this programme we consider different ways to put our students into pairs or groups, and then we'll follow the stages of a lesson which uses 'whole class', 'pair work' and 'group work'.

Programme 6: Developing teachers' English

In this programme teachers from around the world discuss ways to develop and improve their knowledge of English and confidence to speak in English. Teachers are often expected to teach the language when they don’t feel confident about their level of English.

Programme 7: Using English in the classroom

 In a recent programme we heard about ways that teachers can develop their English skills and their confidence. This is important because teachers often don’t like to speak English in class. 

Programme 8: Teaching new language

This programme's topic is 'introducing new language' - introducing a grammar structure, a new tense or some vocabulary that the students haven’t been taught before. When we teach, we might do it in three stages: first we present, then we get our students to practise, and then to use the new language confidently and accurately. This is of course just one approach to introducing new language, but it’s one that many teachers find is a useful framework.

Programme 9: Teacher reading

'Teaching reading' is a subject at the very heart of learning. What steps can we take to make students more confident readers? And how can we find a variety of materials - or 'texts' - for our students to read?

Programme 10: Teaching listening

Listening is an important skill in English - in fact, if our students cannot listen effectively, then they won't be able to communicate. In this programme, teachers share their ideas for listening materials and activities.


 Teaching and learning English by radio

UN reports indicate that no less than 75 million learners still have limited or no access to schools and basic education (UNESCO 2009). Where schools are available, there are often real problems in terms of basic infrastructure, class sizes, teacher competence and access to ‘authentic English’, which is considered a vital component in language learning. Teaching English Radio helped address some of these very real challenges. Radio is a friendly and accessible medium that can communicate its message to the many teachers who work in locations beyond the reach of the internet. It is a highly effective medium for reaching large numbers of teachers and learners. With that in mind, this series was developed by the British Council in 2010.

Radio broadcasts now online

The series was originally intended for broadcast by radio stations at times convenient for teachers. We are making this series available on TeachingEnglish in full as well, so any teacher with internet access can also enjoy the materials.

Teacher support notes 

Each programme in this series is accompanied by a two-page teacher support sheet. These teacher support materials present a large part of the programme script together with ideas for reflection.

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