Technology for professional development: access, interest and opportunity for teachers of English in South Asia

In this publication you will find existing initiatives for using technology for professional development in South Asia.


La enseñanza de inglés en la escuela pública venezolana

This book presents an up-to-date panorama in Spanish of the teaching of English in state schools in Venezuela.


Creativity in the English language classroom

The focus of this book is on practical activities which can help to nurture, develop and motivate our students.


English in Latin America: an examination of policy and priorities in seven countries

This book provides an assessment of English language learning in Latin American countries.


English language teaching in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Innovations, trends, and challenges

In this publication you will find information for enrichment of ELT professionals worldwide.


Learning English in Brazil: Understanding the aims and expectations of the Brazilian emerging middle classes

How can effective English teaching be implemented to reach the emerging middle classes?


Starter Teachers: A methodology course for the classroom

‘Starter Teachers: A methodology course for the classroom’ is dedicated to teacher trainers in low-resource contexts.


Innovation in English language teacher education

This collection of papers reflects on diverse backgrounds, contexts and perspectives assembled at the conference.


Professional development for English language teachers: Perspectives from higher education in Turkey

In this collections you will find will a valuable insight into CPD in different contexts in Turkey.

Publications:  	English as a medium of instruction – a growing global phenomenon

English as a medium of instruction - a growing global phenomenon

The report is based on a worldwide survey conducted with British Council across 55 countries.



The practice of communicative teaching

Edited for the ELT Documents series by Christopher Brumfit and published in 1986, this book complements an earlier volume on General English Syllabus Design, looking at the implementation of communicative syllabuses.


General English syllabus design

This collection of papers emerging from the 1983 TESOL Convention in Toronto examines the role of general syllabuses in state education, at that time a relatively neglected area in comparison with ESP syllabuses. Authors of papers were invited to address three key aspects: the relationship between syllabus and learner; the design of syllabuses; and how a syllabus should be evaluated.


English for specific purposes: an international seminar

This report, which includes papers by John Munby, Henry Widdowson and Tom Jupp, was compiled following an international ESP seminar organised in Bogotá, Colombia, in April 1977. The Editorial notes that, while ESP was seen as relatively new, it was also known to be an 'extension and development of insights', rather than a radically different methodology, and also involved a variety of approaches, not a 'harmonised body of doctrine'.


Common ground: Shared interests in ESP and communication studies

The editors of this 1984 volume in the ELT Documents series describe English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and communication studies (viewed as the teaching of writing and speaking skills to those with English as a first language) as 'two halves of a single profession'.


English for academic study with special reference to science and technology: Problems and perspectives

This seminal 1975 publication offers contrasting viewpoints on the then-emerging field of English for academic purposes, with a specific focus on science and technology.


Self-access: Preparation and training

This practical 1992 booklet, the first in a series, considers ways in which institutions and staff, as well as learners, need to be prepared for self-access learning.


Games, simulations and role-playing

This 1977 booklet from the ELT Documents series contains four main chapters and a postscript which introduce communicative techniques, still at that time in an early stage of development, to a wider audience.


Teaching English: A magazine devoted to the teaching of the English language in India, volume 1 number 4

This January 1955 issue of a magazine published in New Delhi is a revealing window on English language teaching relationships the British Council had formed with post-Independence India.


The use of the media in English language teaching

This 1979 issue of ELT Documents focuses on uses of radio and television in language learning.


Research in the Language Classroom

This book, from 1990, looked at the practical benefits for teachers of classroom research.



Investigating NEST schemes around the world: supporting NEST/LET collaborative practices

This report presents findings on collaboration between NESTs and LETs.


Materials: Developing collaborative practice between LETs and NESTs

These training materials are suitable for teachers working on formal NEST schemes and for those working independently.


Researching the attitudes and perceived experiences of kindergarten learners of English and their parents in China

This paper investigates attitudes and perceived experiences of English learning by Chinese kindergarten children.


Gender and sexuality in English language education: Focus on Poland

This research includes perspectives of teachers, students and Ministry of Education advisors.


English learning areas in pre-primary classrooms: an investigation of their effectiveness

This research report presents an innovative approach to teaching English in pre-primary classrooms.


English for economic development: A case study of migrant workers from Bangladesh

In this report you will find an account of language needs among workers from rural Bangladesh.


The English language needs and priorities of young adults in the European Union: student and teacher perceptions

This paper by Graham Hall and Guy Cook explores the English language needs of young adults in the European Union.


Mobile pedagogy for English language teaching: A guide for teachers

This guide is for anyone interested in teaching and learning languages, and thinking about teaching practices.


Parents and young learners in English language teaching: global practices and issues in school - home contacts

This paper highlights the importance of school-home communications in supporting effective language learning.


The evaluation of non-native speaking English language trainee teachers' practice: unfolding university supervisors' and host teachers' perspectives on judging performance

This research focused on teaching practice performance of non-native English language teacher trainees.


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