ELA manual

The Language Assistant manual was written as a guide and handbook for novice English language teachers taking their first steps into the classroom.


Intercultural resources pack for Latin America

This resource pack provides practical activities for teachers to be used in the classroom primarily in Latin America, although these can also be adapted to suit other international contexts, as a tool for understanding other cultures and promoting reflection in order to avoid cultural bias and challenge stereotypes.


Action plan for teachers

This 44-page illustrated book on the subject of English Language Teaching covers the topics of planning and preparing lessons, teaching methodology and classroom practice, as well as using technology in the classroom.


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Jason M. C. Han's picture Jason M. C. Han

This book covers the all-around needs, guides, details, and stages of the pedagogy for Starter ...
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Cath McLellan's picture Cath McLellan

If you are looking for the document - you need to click on the link above. The file...
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REBECCAVIP12345's picture REBECCAVIP12345

i cannot find it

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