English language teacher education in a diverse environment

Edited by Dr Philip Powell-Davies and Professor Paul Gunashekar

This volume is a collection of papers derived from the Third International Teacher Educators Conference held in Hyderabad, India from 16 - 18 March 2013 on the theme English Language Teacher Education in a Diverse Environment.


British Council survey of policy and practice in primary English language teaching worldwide

This global survey provides an overview of recent policy decisions and trends in the area of teaching English to primary school children, in a wide variety of countries and regions. It will interest and inform policymakers, researchers and practitioners in the field.


Continuing Professional Development: Lessons from India

Edited by Rod Bolitho and Amol Padwad

We hope that the ideas and experiences contained in this collection will provoke a more active and deeper interest in CPD, will lead to more experiments, innovations and research, and will help CPD to be seen as a central priority in teacher education, a development which is long overdue.

Continuing professional development – an annotated bibliography

Amol Padwad and Krishna Dixit 

This bibliography will help raise awareness about CPD among teaching professionals by listing in one place a wide range of material dealing with numerous aspects of and perspectives on CPD. 


Assessing and Evaluating English Language Teacher Education, Teaching and Learning

Edited by Dr Philip Powell-Davies

This volume is an anthology of twelve selected presentations on the theme of Assessing and Evaluating English Language Teacher Education, Teaching and Learning. 

Starting, Stimulating and Sustaining English Language Teacher Education and Development

This volume is an anthology of some select presentations made at the first international conference of English language teacher educators on the theme Starting, Stimulating and Sustaining English Language Teacher Education and Development held at Hyderabad, India on 22 - 24 January 2011.


Primary Innovations: a collection of papers, Bangkok, March 2008

The second Primary Innovations Research Seminar in Bangkok, March 2008 was a regional information sharing forum where the results of British Council research were presented.


Primary Innovations: a collection of papers, Hanoi, March 2007

Edited by Dr Philip Powell-Davies
This volume brings together papers and presentations from a three-day Primary Innovations Regional Seminar held in Hanoi, Vietnam, in March 2007. 

Innovations in learning technologies for English language teaching

Edited by Gary Motteram

This publication offers a different approach to the uses of learning technologies in the language classroom. 

New Directions: Assessment and Evaluation

Edited by Dr Philip Powell-Davies

If you are interested in  how to effectively evaluate or assess English language learning, this collection of papers – the proceedings from the British Council East Asia Regional Symposium on Assessment and Evaluation – is essential reading. 



Academic Writing: process and product

This volume, published in 1988, consists of papers from the eponymous 1985 University of Reading Conference.


Focus on the Teacher

Published in 1981, this slim volume is concerned with helping teachers to develop the commitment to and capacity for professional development.


Individualisation in Language Learning

This publication, from 1978, provides a useful introduction to pioneer approaches to self-directed learning and individualisation in ELT at the time.


English teaching abroad and the British universities

This 1961 publication consists of papers from a high-level conference on University Training and Research in the Teaching of English as a Second/Foreign Language organised by the British Council in London, 15–17 December 1960. The conference brought together heads of departments of English and experts in linguistics and phonetics, with experts in education being relatively under-represented.


Pre-sessional courses for overseas students

This 1978 title offers a snapshot of English teaching practices for overseas students in the UK in the late 1970s. The book is a collection of edited papers from the national seminar, Pre-sessional English courses for Overseas Students in Higher Education held at the University of Manchester in April 1977.


Activity days in language learning: Notes for teacher trainers

This booklet from 1977 accompanied a teacher training film about innovative ‘activity days’ at the British Council’s English Language Teaching Institute in London. Activity days were designed to provide English language learners with a range of intensive, stimulating and personalised language practice tasks.


The foreign language learning process

This 1978 publication is a report of a small-scale research project into language learning by adult learners. This was a relatively early attempt to ask learners about the ‘strategies and techniques’ that they use to learn a language, and the author, GD Pickett, who was at the time Deputy Director of the British Council’s English Teaching Information Centre, states that his intention was for the project to be ‘a starting off point’ which could encourage further research in this area.


Video applications in English language teaching

This 1983 collection examines possible uses of video for language teaching, at the time this being still a recent innovation and a relatively unexplored area.


Voices from the new democracies: The impact of British English language teaching in Central and Eastern Europe

This short 1996 booklet, edited by Jenny Pugsley and Geraldine Kershaw, aimed to evaluate, in an informal way, the ELT work of the British Council in central and eastern Europe, 1989–95, during the transition from Communism. The British Council was able, with new UK government funding, to step up its English language teaching and teacher training in the region, meeting rapidly growing demand from the new democracies.


View and teach, Series 1: 12 Films for teachers of English as a second language

This 1964 booklet gives a summary of the main points in each film in the View and Teach series (produced by the BBC in association with the British Council) with suggestions for discussion by teachers after they have seen the films.



Attitudes to English as a language for international development in rural Bangladesh

There is only limited evidence showing a relationship between the English language and development.


A global study of primary English teachers’ qualifications, training and career development

Helen Emery
This research paper reports on a global study of primary English teachers’ qualifications, training, teaching experience and career development.  


Early EFL learning in context – Evidence from a country case study

Children are starting to learn English at increasingly younger ages.  This paper researches the phenomenon from a contextualised perspective.  


Pulling the threads together: current theories and current practice affecting UK primary school children who have English as an Additional Language

This research paper by Clare Wardman reports on a study conducted in the north of England into the provision of support for children who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL).  


Using e-learning to develop intercultural awareness in ELT: a critical evaluation in a Thai higher education setting

This research paper, by Will Baker, reports on a study conducted in Thailand into the development of an online course in intercultural awareness and communication.  


Computers and learner autonomy: trends and issues

This paper reports on a study conducted by Huw Jarvis into the perceptions and practices of Thai and Emirati university students in the use of computer-based materials beyond the classroom. 


Tanggap, tiklop, tago (receive, fold, keep): Perceptions of best practice in ELT INSET

Alan Waters and Maria Luz C. Vilches
Effective in-service training (INSET) is vital for both teacher development and curriculum reform. 


Perceptions and Strategies of Learning in English by Singapore Primary School Children with Dyslexia

L. Jin, K. Smith, A. Yahya, A. Chan, M. Choong, A. Lee, V.Ng, P. Poh-Wong, D. Young
Learners with dyslexia have difficulties in reading and writing. In Singapore there are about 20,000 primary and secondary school learners with dyslexia.  


Confucius, constructivism and the impact of continuing professional development on teachers of English in China

Viv Edwards and Daguo Li 
This paper covers the impact of continuing professional development in China. 


Investigating Global Practices in Teaching English to Young Learners

Sue Garton, Fiona Copland, Anne Burn 
Investigating Global Practices in Teaching English to Young Learners was produced in collaboration with Aston University. 


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